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currencies, featuring human support and tailored attention to each customer’s situation.

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Simplify your international business with every
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Swiss reliability

Full compliance with Swiss legislation, AML and
KYC requirements

20+ currency
payment support

Flexible options for sending and collecting
payments, personalized exchange rates

Accessibility for residents
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Suitable for companies from EU and other parts of
the world

Developed payment

SWIFT, SEPA, Faster Payments and other
transactional capabilities

Experience international
payments without the hassle
of bureaucracy or unexpected rejections

The service is ideal for those who aim to:

Benefit from a personalised approach to your tasks, with strategies crafted based on expert knowledge of international transfer rules.

The service is ideal for those who aim to:
Execute complex payments regularly

Traditional banks often decline these transactions without explanation. We delve into the specifics to ensure your payment proceeds smoothly, without adding extra conditions.

Expand business globally, in EU and around the world

We offer both standard and innovative payment options. That’s why hundreds of companies trust us with their business transactions.

Process B2B payments around the clock with
punctuality and continuity of service

Business never takes a kip, and neither should your payment setup. Our service fits around your diary, wherever you are in the world, letting you transfer funds at a time that suits you best.

Protect your reputation and business from risky transactions

Our compliance team ensures strict adherence to AML standards, avoids potential restrictions and sanctions risks, and provides additional manual oversight for transactions.

Benefit from secure banking in a prestigious jurisdiction

Swiss banking legislation is among the world’s most sophisticated, offering high levels of security for customers.

Receive straightforward advice and recommendations

Our client managers answer questions in plain language, avoiding complex banking jargon. We offer solutions, not excuses.

Open a Swiss global business account
for all international transaction

Get a comprehensive solution for paying suppliers and customers worldwide

You get an account in your company’s name in a prestigious jurisdiction. This opens the door to international business and builds trust with your partners.

FX solutions

We offer support for over 20 global currencies as well as personalized exchange rates. You can easily send and receive funds in the currency you need.

Attractive terms
and competitive rates

Discover the amazing advantages of partnering with KEYtec AG! Our services offer competitive rates and flexible terms to support your business at every step. We provide transparency, speed, and benefits without any hidden fees, minimum balance requirements, or transfer limits.

Easy and intuitive global payments

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Payments and Beyond

We’ve assisted dozens of companies across various industries in improving both business efficiency and reputation.
  • Development/Construction Industry
  • Consumer Goods
  • Logistics & Maritime Transportation
  • Commodities Industry
  • IT Industry
  • Beverages
  • Medical Industry

Client’s Region:

United Kingdom

Counterparty’s Regions:


Problem Resolved:

Reducing Banking Costs

The Issue:

A construction company engaged in small international projects faced challenges with payments to contractors, suppliers of materials, and construction equipment. Complicated contracts and disagreements over costs and timing frequently led to disputes and subsequent payment delays. Banks demanded extensive documentation for each transaction, adding further strain on the finance department.

The KEYtec Solution:
  • Contract Analysis: Reviewed all current and past contracts to identify recurring bottlenecks and documentation requirements. Created standardized payment terms and a glossary that banks could easily understand to eliminate future ambiguity and disagreements.
  • Debt Reconciliation: Implemented reconciliation acts for compliance review to expedite decision-making and reduce dispute resolution time.
The Result:
  • Payment delays were substantially reduced, and the documentation quality for banks improved.
  • Disputes decreased by over a third, saving the company the costs associated with frequently opening new accounts and sourcing new servicing banks.
  • Improved transparency and speed in payments strengthened business relationships with contractors and suppliers.
  • Some payments were transitioned to KEYtec’s service, which proved faster and more efficient than traditional banks.

Client’s Region:


Counterparty’s Regions:

Eastern Europe

Problem Resolved:

Revenue Collection Issue

The Issue:

A German consumer goods manufacturer had been successful in its local market. However, upon entering a new market in Eastern Europe, they encountered an issue: their bank refused to process incoming payments for sold products.

The KEYtec Solution:
  • Our specialists discovered that the supply contract fell short of standard AML requirements — it lacked some itemization of goods, pricing, and delivery methods.
  • With KEYtec’s assistance, the client rectified these deficiencies. Our team then identified the most efficient payment route and provided the necessary details for fund crediting.
The Effect:
  • Сlient opened an account with KEYtec.
  • The issue was resolved successfully, and the funds were credited to the client’s account.

Client’s Region:


Counterparty’s Regions:

Europe and Central Asia

Problem Resolved:

Late Payments and Penalties

The Issue:

A company operating in the international maritime transportation sector faced challenges in paying port fees and charges. Due to varying payment processes and documentation requirements across different countries and ports, the company experienced delays and incurred penalties.

The KEYtec Solution:
  • Conducted a compliance analysis for the regulatory requirements of each country and port the company interacts with, along with a review of the history of delays and fines.
  • Created a payment calendar accounting for holidays, weekends, and other local peculiarities in different countries.
  • Developed protocols for employees to follow in instances of delays or unexpected issues, including procedures for quickly assembling and sending the required documentation.
  • Collaborated with local experts in key countries to expedite issue resolution and reduce response times.
The Result:
  • Fines and delays have been significantly reduced following the implementation of the new procedures.
  • The company’s reputation has improved, leading to an increase in order volume.
  • Payment acceleration: KEYtec’s service has enabled faster payments to a number of countries our customers had the most frequent delays.

Client’s Region:


Counterparty’s Regions:

Europe, Africa, Asia

Problem Resolved:

Establishing Funding for Overseas Divisions

The Issue:

A Swiss commodities trader was unable to secure funding for its international representative offices from its existing bank. The primary reasons for this refusal included non-compliance of loan agreements with international AML requirements and a lack of transparency in the ownership structure.

The KEYtec Solution:
  • Finalization of Loan Agreements: Aligned loan agreements with international AML requirements, specifying amounts, market interest rates, and terms for debt provision and servicing.
  • Ownership Structure Optimization: Proposed changes for a more transparent ownership structure that accurately reflects the relationship between the parent company and its international offices.
  • Loan Repayment Control: The client receives automated notifications three months before each loan’s repayment date.
  • Financial Condition Assessment: Conducted a comprehensive financial audit and presented alternative financing options of subsidiaries and rep offices, including potential financial assistance from shareholders and UBOs.
The Result:
  • The company successfully secured payments through the Swiss payment service KEYtec.
  • The existing Swiss bank lifted its restrictions and agreed to finance the client’s international offices.

Client’s Region:


Counterparty’s Regions:


Problem Resolved:

Speeding Up Payments

The Issue:

An international IT company encountered frequent obstacles in the realm of B2B payments. Banks regularly rejected payments due to incomplete or incorrect documentation, causing significant delays in business operations.

The KEYtec Solution:
  • Documentation Analysis: Reviewed existing documentation, specifically focusing on pricing sections. Identified weaknesses such as unclear pricing structures and insufficient detail in calculations and final service costing.
  • Standardized Documentation: standardized templates for transactions related documents, incorporating all required elements as stipulated by banks—identification of parties involved, description of services/goods, and the payment chain, etc.
  • Payment Tracking: started monitoring the status of each payment, enabling quick data collection in response to intermediary banks queries.
The Result:
  • The implementation of new procedures eliminated funds freezing and expedited bank transactions.
  • Issues related to AML and other compliance checks were successfully addressed. Some payments were transitioned to the KEYtec service.

Client’s Region:


Counterparty’s Regions:

Europe, Asia

Problem Resolved:

Removal of Payment Quantity Restrictions

The Issue:

One of the largest distributors of beverages in Central and Eastern Europe, with over 20 years of market experience, encountered difficulties after opening an account with a Luxembourg bank. The client was burdened by restrictions such as a maximum limit on the number of monthly payments, a mandatory minimum deposit, and limitations on revenue collection from certain markets.

The KEYtec Solution:
  • AML Analysis: Conducted a comprehensive review of all the client’s transactions to assess compliance risk.
  • Risk Mitigation: Identified and eliminated high-risk transactions and regions to reduce the overall compliance risk.
The Result:
  • The client transitioned to using KEYtec’s payment solutions and relocated its banking operations from Luxembourg to Switzerland, thereby eliminating the previously imposed restrictions.

Client’s Region:


Counterparty’s Regions:

Europe, USA, Asia, Africa

Problem Resolved:

Reducing Risks in International Transactions

The Issue:

The company, a manufacturer and supplier of medical equipment, deals with numerous suppliers and partners, elevating compliance control risks with banks. Payments are often halted for additional verification because counterparties could potentially be on sanctions lists or have unclear fund origins. This results in delayed operations and increased transaction costs.

The KEYtec Solution:
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Appointed a dedicated manager responsible for coordinating all international payments, transactions, vendor interactions, and document verifications.
  • Personalized Compliance Plan: Created a tailored compliance strategy based on a detailed analysis of client payments, incorporating measures for rapid identification and risk management for each counterparty.
Pre-Assessment and Monitoring:

Implemented real-time screening of counterparties against various databases and sanctions lists.

The Result:
  • Enhanced both the client’s financial and operational efficiency by mitigating risks and expediting decision-making processes.
  • Enabled the company to focus on its core business activities and more efficiently collaborate with international clients.

Previously the preserve of the chosen
few, now accessible to everyone

We make Swiss banking accessible wherever you are

For any company, a Swiss account is more than just a number. It is a symbol of quality and reliability. However, many people traditionally associate Switzerland with the storage of funds rather than payments.

We decided to change that perception. And we created a service that is at the forefront of the latest technology in cross-border business payments.

As a result, our Swiss account is first and foremost a powerful tool for international transactions, helping to make payments fast and smooth.

You’ll be able to execute payments in scenarios
where traditional banks often hesitate:

Complex Ownership

Navigate intricate corporate structures with ease.

Multiple Counterparties
in Different Countries

Manage global transactions

Non-Typical Payments
and Industries

Adapt to unique payment conditions and unconventional sectors.

Developed Branch Network
in Various Jurisdictions

Handle cross-border operations
for offices located in multiple legal environments.

Shareholder Financing Through Complex Instruments

Manage intricate financing options
such as loans, capital contributions,
and M&As.

Increased Compliance Requirements

Meet elevated compliance standards without hassle.

Open an account with KEYtec

Experience an international payment system as reliable as a Swiss watch

Rest assured, every factor that impacts your payments
is under our vigilant control:

We handle all aspects of your transactions, from document management to providing personalized recommendations and timely feedback.

Rest assured, every factor that impacts your payments is under our vigilant control:

Expert drafting of contracts and agreements, aligned with international standards and requirements.


Ensure timely payments on international contracts to dodge late fees and legal claims.


Strategic organization of parent companies and subsidiaries, considering jurisdictional limitations and regulations.


Careful selection of the most suitable correspondents and payment destinations.


Navigate the complexities of loans, guarantees, and other financial instruments with ease.


Insightful tips to mitigate currency risks and lower transaction costs.

Let us analyze your situation and craft
a tailor-made payment strategy for you

Get your personalized strategy today!

The service is suitable for any business aiming
to scale beyond local markets:


Ideal for those who need to make periodic international payments or receive revenue both quickly and economically.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Perfect for businesses looking to expand into new markets and manage non-stop operations across multiple international locations.

Large Businesses

Provides additional avenues for international payments beyond what traditional banking instruments can offer.

For anyone ready to change their view
of Swiss banking and business payments

Enjoy the advantages of a Swiss account coupled with contemporary payment technology, accessible from anywhere.

Start paying globally

Work conveniently with our Simple,
Technologically Advanced, and Secure Client-Bank System

  • Concise and clear interface:
    Streamlined user experience for effortless navigation.
  • Mass payments support: Handle bulk transactions with ease.
  • Statement retrieval: Quickly and easily access your financial statements.
  • Messengers: chat support in all popular messengers.
  • Advanced security measures: Benefit from cutting-edge cybersecurity, encryption, and secure communication protocols.
  • Data storage in Switzerland: Your information is processed and stored on servers located in a jurisdiction known for its high data protection standards.

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KEYtec — your team
of Payment Experts

  • 15+ Years of International
    Business Experience
  • 2,000+ Client Cases Across
    50+ Countries
  • Numerous STP Excellence Award
    for exceptional payment quality

Robert-Philippe Bloch
is a key fugure for the team

As the Chairman of the Board of Directors of KEYtec AG, is responsible for GR, PR, and interaction with the financial regulator, showing tireless work capacity and enthusiasm.

His early experience includes senior positions at UBS, Bank Julius Baer & Co. AG, and Banque Lombard Odier. He also served as Chairman of the Association Vaudoise des Banques and as a Member of the Board of the Swiss Private Bankers Association in Geneva.

Trusted Mastercard partner for
international corporate payments

Team includes Certified CAMS specialists

Member of SRO VQF (Switzerland)

Your funds are secure
with KEYtec

Regulatory oversight

KEYtec AG has been a member of the Swiss Financial Services Standards Association (VQF) since 2021, holding license number 101007. We operate under the indirect supervision of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

This status enables us to offer a wide range of payment services both in Switzerland and internationally, in full compliance with banking industry standards.

Safety Measures

Client funds are securely held in segregated accounts with reputable EU banks. We undergo regular audits by a large international company, ensuring our adherence to top standards in financial accuracy and regulatory compliance.


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No, KEYtec is a modern fintech company registered in Switzerland, specializing exclusively in cross-border payments. We are subject to the comparable regulatory oversight as Swiss banks.

At present, we provide accounts in over 20 different currencies.Including major currencies such as CHF, USD, EUR, and GBP

KEYtec operates with a capital base of CHF 700,000.

Our shareholder base includes a prominent Swiss fund, one of the country’s oldest institutions in client asset management.

Our payment services extend globally, covering almost every country. For further details, please reach out to our team

We provide extensive capabilities for both receiving and making payments in over 20 currencies, including key ones like CHF, USD, EUR, and GBP.

Our pricing is substantially more competitive than that of traditional Swiss banks and many European counterparts. You’ll have full visibility of our fee structure before onboarding.

Our client managers are proficient in English, German, and Greek, and can assist you and process documents in these languages.

In line with our comprehensive strategy to address client needs, we offer localized assistance for Swiss, EU, and UK activities, complementing our primary focus on international payment solutions.

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